Samira Sukhatme

Abstract Painter and illustrator


Art is in Samira’s blood. She comes from a family steeped in art and culture, which includes artists, architects (like herself), Indian classical singers, and engineers who've played a vital role in shaping the artist she is today. Samira's childhood was spent mostly by the beach or in the garden with her mother, it was nourishment for her soul, and when she wasn't around nature, she was painting in her home in Mumbai, India. You can explicitly witness the undertones of her colourful childhood and her love for nature in her work today. As her passion for painting developed, a hunger for perfecting her craft led her to taking numerous art classes in her teen years. She embarked on a journey to explore the world of architecture, like some in her family. She worked for renowned architecture firms in Mumbai and Hong Kong, which enhanced her cultural pallet. She also taught architectural design and mentored students at her alma mater for four years. Working with the young, creative energies inspired her to pursue her original passion for painting and turn it into a career. After spending a fulfilling three years in Goa as a full-time artist, Samira moved to Vancouver with her loving partner in 2018. Her love for nature and animals urged Samira to choose a vegan lifestyle and lead by example; she also holds a particular fondness for cats.

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