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What is Bidgala?

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Bidgala is a fine art marketplace, catering to homeowners and design professionals. We connect art lovers directly with student and emerging artists who sell their original art at lower prices. Our mission is to make art accessible by empowering artists one sale, one connection and one story at a time.

Artworks are shipped directly from the artists’ studio to your home. Each purchase is in support of independent artists and their craft.


Knowing who’s artwork is hanging in your home and connecting with them on a personal level makes every purchase more meaningful. Purchase confidently by connecting with artists through Bidgala DMs or by reading artist stories in their profiles.

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"Bidgala’s art advisors help make the experience of shopping for art easy and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for a specific piece or want to discover some of our emerging artists, we will walk you through the simple process. "

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Bidgala Gift Guide: Find The Right Gift For Anyone

When we think of gifts for holidays or special occasions, we rarely consider art. This may be because of our lack of expertise in selecting art, our uncertainty about how the other person will receive the gift or our fear of the budget (good art is not always expensive). Regardless of your knowledge of art, it is possible to gift art to anyone as long as you know their interests. Art is broad, and there is something for everyone – you just need to know where to look. Bidgala has a wide range of art from seasoned and emerging artists, with paintings, drawings, and prints available for all ages and occasions. Below are a few art categories you can choose when purchasing art online.

Note: All art can be found on BIDGALA. Just click the link to view the art online.

1. ‘People’ art

One can hardly go wrong with art that involves people; be it a portrait or otherwise, there is something beautiful about seeing a unique piece of art centred on the human species. Below are a few examples of “people” art. You can find more of such art pieces on BIDGALA, with works that range from prints to paintings, and drawings.

Morning Thought by Smith Olaoluwa
GOLDEN TREE by Kerstin Berger

2. Animal & Bird Art

Animal lovers can never get enough paintings, drawings, or prints of their favourite creatures. Any of these paintings below will make a great gift for someone with an interest in animals.

Temptation by Amneris Fernandez
Portrait of a Parrot by Ira Volkova

3. Nature Art

What is there not to love about nature? It harbours us, feeds us and sustains us for generations. A nature painting will be a great gift for someone who loves the outdoors. See samples below.

Pampaneira (2) by Steve Smith
PINK HEAVEN by Carol Bednarski

4. Abstract Art

Art categories are infinite. If you can imagine it, then it can be created. Below are a few of the many abstract art ideas available on Bidgala. Remember, you can scout for gifts based on your special someone’s interests—there are equally great artworks for kids, collectors, etc.

Hochelaga by Alain Boucher
Abstract Art by Besjana Kryeziu

What do you think of the art above? Which are your favourites? What other art categories do you love? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Created on: Nov. 29, 2023, 3:07 a.m.

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Pros Of Buying Art Online

Art is a great way to spruce up your living space, but finding the right piece can be a challenge. Your city, or town, may be home to a large number of art galleries—or you may not have any at all. Whatever the case may be, it is important to know about your online art marketplace options. An online art marketplace typically consists of a carefully-curated collection of art for sale online. Online art marketplaces, such as Bidgala, aim to democratize art and connect individuals with artists across the globe. It may seem odd to buy art online, but we have outlined the pros of doing so below.


For starters, there are plenty of online art marketplaces that you can choose from. Because it is an online marketplace, the doors are opened to artists all across the globe. This feature allows buyers to connect with independent artists whose work they might never have heard of otherwise. Online art marketplaces are convenient because they eliminate the process of travelling from gallery to gallery to find the artwork you love. By simply opening your laptop or phone browser, you can scroll through thousands of pieces with little effort.

Furthermore, most online art marketplaces will also have their art in labelled categories, such as colour, style, medium, etc. This way, you can easily browse the marketplace to find exactly what you are looking for. Whilst traditional art galleries are an essential and beloved fixture of the art community, there is a definite convenience and ease to buying art online.


When you purchase art in a gallery, the pricing can be quite confusing and non-transparent. Sometimes prices aren’t listed, readily available, or are only provided upon request. Asking about prices can be intimidating, and may even prevent you from purchasing the artwork in question. However, on most online art marketplaces, you won’t have to worry about this problem. When you buy art online, the prices are clearly listed, meaning you never have to worry about feeling intimidated by asking about prices or a lack of transparency. Beyond this, online art marketplaces often include a wide range of art, from expensive to affordable, as a lot of online art marketplaces cater to independent artists. So, regardless of your budget, you are likely to find something suitable.


A big issue that arises from purchasing art in an art gallery is finding a method to transport that piece back home. Some galleries provide transportation services, but this is not a guarantee. When you buy art online, you have a guaranteed delivery method, which eliminates any potentially stressful transportation process. When you buy a piece of art online it will be delivered conveniently to your residence or nearest post office, which can be a great deal of help for those who do not otherwise have a way to transport art from a gallery to their home.

Directly Supporting Independent Artists

Online art marketplaces make art more accessible to everyone, and therefore, can help connect people with independent artists. Supporting independent artists is important because they often do not have the large platform that established artists do. If you buy an artist’s work directly from their personal website, 100% of your money will go to them. For artists who don't have personal websites, it is important to know which online marketplaces have artists' best interests in mind. For example, Bidgala offers artists no fees and low commission rates, as well as provides tools to build a lasting clientele and community. Whether you decide to purchase art through an online marketplace or directly from their website, you can be confident that you’re helping to bolster their artistic career.

Created on: Nov. 22, 2023, 1:53 p.m.

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What Is Shadow Art? Its History, Evolution, And Modern Practices.

The original art of shadows involves a basic mechanism of using various shapes of figurines behind a screen and a projected light. Based on a specific theme, the puppeteer moves the figurines and narrates a story. The local art of shadow puppetry is believed to have originated since the Han Dynasty (202 B.C - 220 B.C) when people started to appreciate the performing arts. One of the first shadow puppetry performances was in Central Asia - China or India. To date, various rural areas follow the tradition of shadow puppetry during occasions or events. Shadow art is all about the connection between the obvious and the fictional substance through its fleeting impression.

Puppets from a show called ‘Legend of the White Snake’ in China

Shadow art involves various forms of representation, such as puppet shows, art installations, photography, etc., depending on the context of the art form.

Shadow Art - Fusion of Art Forms:

All shadow art forms involve a fusion of more than one art form. For instance, if we consider a puppet show, the original art of shadow puppet includes the work of an artist/designer who makes the puppet, a story writer and narrator who are responsible for the theme and story, a set designer who makes sure that the puppets are connected and accessed properly, and finally a technician who takes care of the complete light and angle of how it is projected on the screen. It is believed that shadow puppetry to date has a stronger influence in many parts of China. The history of the local art states that the puppet shows in olden times had a direct connection with Buddhist teachings.

Although shadow puppetry was one way of using shadows, in other parts of the world, artists were using only hands as their elements to create art. Eventually, they started making use of materials that were easily available and assembled them in such a way that, when projected with a ray of light, created something.

Craft Behind the Art:

The act of creating shadow art is described as expressing the author's imaginative or technical skill through the use of visual or auditory elements. Shadow art can be appreciated both in static and dynamic forms. While considering static art involves a specific craft of arranging things and creating art by projecting light on them. The art community has explored a variety of innovations through shadow art.

The act of concealing or covering part of a work evokes curiosity, a desire to explore what we do not yet comprehend. It allows the viewer to not only participate and engage with the work but even imagine what is missing in it and complete it according to their imagination. With its undeniable, yet boundless, formless presence, the shadow opens the door to both horror and pleasure, and it is that connection between the apparent, non-existent substance and its questionable, fleeting impression that defines shadow art.

Shadow art with steel by Larry Kagan

Evolution of Shadow Art:

Rooting from an early age, shadow art has evolved on its own in various parts of the world. Local art has been practiced in various forms of sharing awareness and thoughts of artists. Contemporary artists showcase their artworks in museums or as art installations in public spaces. Young practitioners who are interested in learning about the craft try playing with light and shadow by participating in small events. Since most of the principles of shadow art are explored through trial and error, artists push their limits in trying various compositions. They’re also trying to express a deeper meaning through a mindful way of illusion and composition.

Contemporary Shadow Artists You Need to Know:

Here is a list of contemporary shadow artists who can give major inspiration to upcoming artists in the art community.

1. Kumi Yamashita: This Japanese artist has contributed a lot to the art community of shadow art. Her works are appreciated majorly for how she uses every single material and conveys a different meaning with the help of light and shadow. She has done several solo exhibitions and group exhibitions of her work in public, which has gained her a lot of fame. Her works to date act as inspiration for many upcoming artists.

2. Fred Eredekens: Fred, being a sculptor and a ceramic artist has experimented a lot with wire metals. He got his first inspiration while working in his studio with a metal string and a ray of light shone on it creating interesting art. His work mainly includes lettering made in copper wires, and he creates art by using light rays on it.

3. Tim Noble and Sue Webster: This power pact couple has been inspiring people with their art since 1997. Their works include depicting silhouettes of human figures mostly themselves or other people through abstract forms. Depending on the theme, they collect discarded materials and assemble them to create shadow art out of it.

4. Diet Wiegman: He is well-known for his precise work of art through assembling materials of glass, plastic, and other kinds of debris. His artworks are a true example of precision and intricately detailed silhouette sculptures.

If you’re someone who would love to try your hands on shadow art, check out this cool AI feature that Google has launched to try shadow art.


Created on: Nov. 15, 2023, 1:30 a.m.

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