Top 5 Reasons Why Having an Online Portfolio is Needed as an Artist

India-Lynn Upshaw-Ruffner July 23 2021


These tips will help to establish a strong online presence with a solid online artist portfolio.

Marketing and presenting yourself to sell art online is of the utmost importance in our digital age. Instagram and other social media platforms are becoming equally important to having a well-written CV.

Many artists now have even chosen to sell their art on Instagram, a trend growing in popularity.

In this article, we will be highlighting why creating an online presence as an artist is important. Notably, how your online art portfolio showcases who you are as an artist.

1. Professionalism and online presence

Professionalism is valued in any field, so make sure to make yours evident through your online presence. An online portfolio allows you to have links to all of your social media in one place, which leads to a sense of transparency.

For example, Instagram provides the option for a link in artist’s bios, the perfect location to place the link to your online portfolio that is easily accessible and readily available to art lovers, art buyers and potential clients or employers.

Maintaining an online portfolio also reflects your organizational skills and the importance you place on your craft. This gives off a good impression to potential buyers and employers. In addition, having a website that showcases your work is something many employers look for when hiring.

A larger presence online also makes it easier for more people to find you and your work. You can research search engine optimization (SEO) to better reach your target art buyer or employer audience.

2. Amplifies your reach to future employers and job opportunities

Having an online portfolio makes your artwork easy to share on job and grant applications. Your portfolio contains all your best work for future clients and employers to see in one place. It reflects your dedication to your craft and the importance you place on your relationship to the public. This will help attract more customers and potential job opportunities.

3. Reflects your skills and abilities alongside your personality

An online portfolio allows artists to showcase not only their work and career, but also their personality, skills, and abilities. You can include an “about” page to highlight your career, artist statement, and personal/professional trajectory as an artist.

Consider embedding a PDF viewer to your website for your CV, or have an interactive CV with hyperlinks to past jobs, exhibitions etc. This provides further credibility to your experience, and allows future employers and clients to learn more about your experience.

4. Establishes Your Brand as an Artist

Establishing your brand as an artist creates a cohesive image for yourself online, and having an online portfolio is a necessary step in cementing this image.

Your online portfolio can include writings on your individual artworks and collections. Describe their meanings and influences to add further depth to your work. Your portfolio’s purpose is to help clients and employers understand you as an artist; outlining your artistic trajectory and past experiences is vital.

Additionally, newsletters and mailing lists encourage artist and buyer interaction. They also add personalization to your brand, and are an opportunity to establish connections with your audience.

5. An easy way to manage your artworks and sales

Having an online portfolio allows you to save all of your artworks in one place on the website builder of your choice. Pieces can be added, removed, and rearranged easily to your preference and needs.

Also, having an online portfolio allows you to keep a digital archive of your CV. This gives you the ability to quickly add and arrange it to suit your professional needs.

If you’re also interested in selling your art on your website, online e-commerce integration on website builders allow for easy tracking of sales and analytics.

In sum

The art community is evolving alongside technology, so it's important to evolve as an artist along with it. These tips will help you to establish a strong online presence with a solid online artist portfolio. It is worth investing your time into crafting an online portfolio that reflects your craft as both a professional artist or emerging artist.

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