Four Easy D.I.Y. Projects for Art Lovers on a Budget

Isabella Izzo December 14 2022


Looking for a way to spruce up your home? Many art lovers have elevated their home interiors with handmade goods. Here are four eco-friendly and budget-friendly D.I.Y. art projects you can do at home.

1. Acrylic Paint Pours

Abstract Deep Space by Olga Soby

Acrylic paint pours are a fun canvas and decor idea. Because the outcome can’t be controlled, each painting becomes a unique piece of art. They’re relatively easy to make and are eco-friendly and budget-friendly depending on how you source your supplies. You can buy canvas secondhand at a thrift shop, or you can purchase both canvas and paints from a dollar store for a significantly cheaper price than from a professional art store. The creation process itself is very straightforward: Once the canvas is set up over a protective surface (like an aluminum pan or liner), simply layer the paint colours in a plastic cup or container and pour over the canvas. You can also add dish soap to create cells in the painting, as pictured above. You can rotate the canvas to try and control the flow of the paint or leave it as is to dry fully for 24 to 48 hours. Be careful though, this can get messy!

Supplies needed: Canvas, acrylic paint (minimum 3 colours), plastic cup/container, liner/tin (to catch excess paint), and dish soap (optional).

2. Re-purpose Preserve Jars

Recycled jars by HelenaDaydreamer

Another fun and easy decor idea is taking old preserve jars and turning them into functional items, like vases or organizers. Repurposing old jars is eco-friendly and the supplies needed are probably things you already have, or can be easily bought secondhand or purchased at a local art store. Whether you want to paint the jars, use tissue paper/book pages, or fabric to decorate, it’s a delightful and creative way to add some flair to your home. The finished product can be used as a vase for the centrepiece of your table, a pencil holder for your desk, a bookmark holder for a bookshelf, and so much more!

Supplies needed: Jar, glue, paint (optional), tissue paper (optional), and fabric (optional).

3. Thrifty Framed Prints

Art prints by KartyArt Prints

A nice way to bring life to your home is by using framed prints! It’s a simple decor option that can bring vibrancy to your home interior. Of the four D.I.Y projects, it is the simplest for any art lover to set up. You can easily thrift an old wooden frame and then all you need is some gold paint and the item you want to showcase. You can use gold paint to gild the frame or add a splash of colour. If you like to sew or design you can frame old fabric scraps from leftover projects. If you prefer a more minimalist or graphic design, online shops like Bidgala sell prints, and some shops like Redbubble and Etsy have ones that can be downloaded so you can print them yourself at home or a local library!

Supplies needed: Wooden frame, gold paint, fabric scraps (optional), and art print (optional).

4. Paper Roll Wall Art

Paper Roll Wall Art by Godiygo

Paper roll wall art can be a really pleasant and eco-friendly way to decorate your home’s interior. By saving up your finished toilet paper and paper towel tubes, you can design different types of decorative pieces to add a unique art piece to any room. The design is completely up to you and can be floral (like in the above picture), a snowflake, or even something more abstract that you can frame or hang as is. Just cut the tubes into even half or one-inch pieces, paint them, and glue them together. You can always use budget-friendly paint options from a local dollar store (which might need a few coats depending on desired opacity) and even add on embellishments like beads or metallic foil. The best part is that paper rolls are very malleable and easy to shape however you want.

Supplies needed: Paper rolls, glue, scissors, paint (optional), and embellishments (optional).

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