Artist Spotlight: Pratiksha Muir

Talented painter Pratiksha Muir shares how she began painting, her creative challenges, and why taking risks is so important.

Anastasia Koutsogiannis December 10 2021 2 comments

Why Sculptures Make a Great Addition to Any Home

This article provides points to consider when looking for a sculpture to incorporate into your home.

India-Lynn Upshaw-Ruffner November 30 2021 0 comments

Our Favorite Weird Art Mediums

Beyond acrylic, pencil, and watercolor there’s a whole fascinating world of materials, techniques, and mediums that you may not know. We personally love them and want to tell you more about it!

María Escalona, India-Lynn Upshaw-Ruffner, and Anastasia Koutsogiannis November 24 2021 0 comments

Artist spotlight: Andrea Juarez

Mexican artist Andrea Juárez shares her journey as an independent painter with Bidgala.

María Escalona November 15 2021 2 comments

Why connecting with the artist and their story matters

Engaging with artists and their background will undoubtedly elevate your artistic experiences.

Anastasia Koutsogiannis and Stephanie Medalsy October 29 2021 0 comments

Shimon Finkelstein and Orna Adoram: Finding Beauty in the Seemingly Mundane through Abstraction

Are you interested in abstract art? Learn about how featured artists Shimon Finklestein and Orna Adoram use abstraction in their practices to find beauty and share their life experiences.

India-Lynn Upshaw-Ruffner October 19 2021 0 comments

Guide to Different Paint Types

For beginners or artists looking to switch up their technique, here is a guide to the most popular paint types.

Anastasia Koutsogiannis September 28 2021 2 comments

How to Commercialize Your Work Without Losing Your Artistic Vision

Art and business don’t have to be in opposition. Here’s how to make a living through your art, without straying from your creative vision.

Anastasia Koutsogiannis September 28 2021 2 comments

Managing Your Workflow as an Independent Artist

Organization is the key to success. Here’s how to take control of your career as an independent artist.

Anastasia Koutsogiannis September 21 2021 1 comments

Appreciating Art as a Non-Artist

Here are some tips on how to engage with art as a non-artist. We’re so happy to hear you’re taking an interest!

Anastasia Koutsogiannis September 21 2021 1 comments