Error while uploading new Artwork!

Hi friends,

I have not been able to upload my art due to an error .. anyone else facing this issue 😢

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johanne.brou647 yes me too
wlande199925 Amazing! Happy to hear!
subjectpredicate465 Problem is solved ! Just uploaded my latest artwork 😊👍.. thank you William & Sam .. regards, Aatmica
wlande199925 Problem should be solved! So sorry for the inconvenience. Kindly email us at if you have any questions!
subjectpredicate465 i have emailed them too ! please let me know once you're able to upload again ...
subjectpredicate465 thanks for your message... all this while i was worried if this error is coming on my page only... thanks for letting me know..:-)
silviavassileva392 Me, too! I addressed this problem with William and Sam.