zaza ginz

digital artist


14/8/2020 my profile: i am Glaswegian, residing in the heart of Birmingham & in the Black Country. i have been an artist for many years & have explored life through many media. this year, 2020, i have taken up digital art, not something i ever thought i would do. i love it. i love the whole process, from the actual drawing with the wee electronic pen, to the opening of the printed canvas & seeing, holding, the artwork for the first time -in the flesh, as opposed to viewing it on a screen. i am interested in identity, in the passing of time, in an endeavour to trace memories & sometimes to the erasure of these memories. i am also concerned with the discrepancy between dreams & reality. where does art history fit in? very important to me: of exploring what Art/ art, actually is: what does it mean to 'be' an artist, in the end, what does it mean to be a human. but i am not looking for answers, i am exploring possibilities, to create & to destroy. for me its all about the experimentation, & the work of art, which remains, after all, a record of ephemeral events. i keep trying to make order from chaos &, it could be said, chaos from order. every work is a monument to a challenge & to a quest. a technological puzzle blending the very old with the very new. however i a mainly trying to create something beautiful which you can feel emotionally as well as see, touch & smell. please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

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