Norris Yim


Norris Yim, A Self-taught Painter B. 1989 Hong Kong Memory loss, confusion, unbalanced life. When you look but can’t see. Thinking without imagination, living without soul. The more multitask, the less details define, particularly in faces or recollection of the inside, even if the outline is defined. This painting shows the process of forgetting and thoughts just out of reach. “It’s face in front of me, but I can’t pinpoint what it is.” Using the Mixed Paints to create more poetry with a solitary in portrait. Creating an abstract painting (portrait most) with different thickness of the colors, In order to ingratiate the capitalism & hypocritical living, people burying their original appearance to survive, and new faces replace the old ones, even using the heavy makeup becomes a new self-forgetting self, with hypocrisy and fear of life. It has spawned a series of abstract portraits that express the pity and sadness of society. Those abstract pigments represent my dark side and mood which forms the basis of the work. Painting is purely a means of self-presentation, a process of transforming my observation of others and internalizing it as creative inspiration. Seeking my own spiritual satisfaction with poetry. The self-expression is often tinged with loneliness. Observation. Memory. Imagination. These are the principle aspects of my work. In the end, just fulfill my ambition through colors to create more Inspirations.

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