Vera Jochum




verajochum.comI`m a self taught painter from Germany With my expressionism painting I want to share something of the sensual experience of my daily life. Whatever inspires me, can be found in my paintings. It might be the view from my kitchen window, a fleeting impression from a moving car, the smell of a meadow during a walk or even a certain mood that is reflected on the canvas. Textures, colours, shapes, movements and spaces...all this I try to capture in my paintings. I find it interesting to experiment and combine different materials and techniques to create a unique and distinctive style. I mainly use acrylic colours, metal leaf, chalk paint, plaster and recycled materials such as cardboard. This results in unique, curious, colorful planned Crossover paintings, which trigger the emotions of every viewer and let the mind go on a journey of discovery. Although I plan the paintings, I do not stick strictly to each plan, but react intuitively to the result. It is an energetic process of construction, destruction, reconstruction that is reflected in my works. I try to articulate form, colour, texture and composition and to transfer my version of the visual input to the canvas.

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