Vera Jochum




Vera Jochum, a German artist from Illingen/Saar. Question: "Can you imagine the feeling that there is something inside you that needs to come to the surface and demands expression? Preferably in a creative way." That is the reason why you can now see my work here. Although I have always been creatively active, I only decided to start as a full-time artist in September 2020. And the success proves me right and confirms that I did the right thing. After several solo exhibitions and publications in online magazines and on various websites, my Instagram fan base has now grown to over 25,000 followers and the interest in my work continues to develop daily. Stylistically, I can be categorised as an abstract expressionist, but without being pinned down to that. Whatever inspires, excites and occupies me can be found in my paintings. Textures, colours, shapes, movements and spaces - I try to capture all this in my paintings.

Artist Statement

Be fearless and authentic in your art, Only then can you achieve satisfaction in your work.

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