Teo Soos

Mixed-media full-time professional artist


Dr. Doina Pauleanu, the art critic and curator of the Art Museum of Constanta: "Teodora Soos built in time, a personal style, which makes her artwork, whichever technique she chooses, to distinguish itself from all the others. Teodora literally succeds being original, and she does that with serenity and candor in her search of transcendent themes." Many of my artpieces are mixed-media, combined in a whimsical, maximalist way - l always think of sustainable materials as l am an environmentalist and l want to participate in keeping the balance of our planet. A bass-relief surface has always challenged me to paint and vice-versa, so l often combine the two. I layer an artwork for days, to assure the durability, my unique technique that l have developed since my five years of university, and completed during my Master's degree. During MA's I studied Costume Performing, and the variety of materials l used have helped me interact with materials in a more dynamic manner. I choose a variety of themes, and even the figurative ones l treat in a semiabstract manner. Education 2004 - 2005: MA in Visual Arts, University of Arts, Costume Design, Bucharest, Romania 1999 - 2004: Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts, "Ion Andreescu" Arts University, Arts Pedagogy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania Residency at Accademia di Romania, Rome, It My Artworks are in private collections worldwide: Romania, USA, Canada, France, U.K, Germany, Spain, Italy etc.

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