Shan Re


Shan Re is a multidisciplinary contemporary Indian artist who has explored infinite dimensions within herself and created her own artistic vocabulary. She constantly strives to explore and expand her boundaries and horizons to understand life from the best perspective. The intensity and frequency of her creative output is enormous. Intuitively moving between mediums, Shan has continuously evolved, experimented and explored a wide array of subjects and genres in several group and solo shows in India and abroad. Shan’s art practice involves various disciplines from drawing, painting, poetry, sculpture and Installation. Her works are in prominent public and private collections. Shan lives and works in Bangalore. Shan’s paintings are spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings and emotions recollected in tranquility. Each painting of Shan can be considered as a complete poem in itself and it appears to be a sudden capture of a fleeting moment. Shan's paintings are lyrical reflections of her subconscious thoughts, feelings, fantasies, hopes and memories. Shan looks within a world of emotional and psychological states rather than without to a fluid world of fleeting realism. She explores her mind, spirit and imagination to germinate imagery. Thus, free from representational convention Shan Re’s process and philosophy make her works ‘timeless’ – independent of time and space.

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