Sergio Malinow



I am a self-taught Argentine artist who values abstract forms and counter forms without preset labels. I consider myself an artist with recycling at heart, reusing everything where possible to contribute to the conservation of the planet. I was born in Buenos Aires in 1969 and I currently live in the small Patagonian city of Rada Tilly, on the Atlantic coast of Argentina. I graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 1993 as Graphic Designer, my current profession. Since graduation I have worked in a number of companies performing a range of different activities related to design and prepress and have also undertaken managerial roles. A job in the oil industry finally brought me to this southern city of Patagonia. Before my 50th birthday, I discovered another fascinating type of art that attracted me and I ventured into it with enthusiasm, although with some uncertainty. Today, I am completely immersed in my new creative path with energy and passion. Thanks to my other passion, trekking, I can discover unique Patagonian landscapes which never cease to inspire me and feed my creative art. These landscapes have unique colors, flora that dazzles with its infinite facets, and landscapes with hills and edges that show a unique geology. In my technique I use recycled wood for the frames, brushes, sticks, and liquid paints which are good to use because of their density and elasticity, as I need large quantities to splash on to the canvases in the creation of my works.

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