Rex Woodmore

Rex Woodmore Australian Fine Art


I am an International visual artist based in Western Australia. My original unique artwork sells to private and corporate clients around the world. As at September 2021 I have sold around one hundred paintings. • Italy’s largest book publisher and third largest magazine producer in France (Mondadori) has one of my Jacaranda paintings on the cover of a novel. • The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has ten of my Jacaranda paintings in a library reference book called ‘Jacaranda: the tree Australians like to claim as their own’. • Australia’s ‘Artist’s Palette’ magazine has six pages of my tree paintings in issue 152. • Talented South Australian songwriter Fiona Karamanlidis has one of my Boab tree paintings on the cover of her CD of award winning country songs. • In the U.S. the private ‘Arizona Castleton Collection’ in Yuma, has 25 of my artworks. Before retiring from regular employment I worked in horticulture and re-vegetation where much of my work involved trees (I love trees) So with this in mind and the fact that my name is ‘WOODmore’ it should come as no surprise that I produce paintings of trees! I am probably best known for my 'family friendly' paintings of Jacaranda trees and my ‘tagline’ of 'God’s creation, my inspiration' I hope you enjoy my work as much as I did in producing it. Rex Woodmore 2021

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