abel garcía


in 2007, i appeared as an epiphany inside the head of the fella that draws me: a plastic artist and ad creative with a strange bachelor degree, business administration, what the heck! °( anyhow, i showed him the necessary elements to construct me, but first i had to obsess him with semiotics and guided him to focus on signage, until he finally produced a series of visual signs called ‘simiotics’, that were published in an extinct blog called carajo (the accurate word to translate it is ‘fuck’, as in ‘damned’). in short, what he did was to take the little cartoon guy, used as a universal men’s bathroom sign, and applied it as the mean to synthesize, graphically, news that had a journal photo as visual reference. four years and lots of work after –from mine, of course-, i succeeded in get him awake, so he could see me completely. i become his third eye. so, at last, he was able to recreate me under a simple but powerful graphic line, capable to communicate one great single visual concept: the eye into all the looks. thanks! °)

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