Nania Sergi


Nania Girard Sergi is a multidisciplinary artist who grew up on an island in the Saint Lawrence River and completed a BA in Communication Studies at Concordia University. Her visual arts and performance work seek honesty, playfulness, and engagement with circumstances. She enjoys producing line drawings and gestural paintings. Her series of photographs The Spaces We Create were exhibited at Galerie OFF Interarts and Musée Rotonda. She worked on installations for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal and co-directed as well as performed in Shedding: Willis, a performance work for piano, laptop orchestra, and live projections featuring the Concordia Laptop Orchestra. Last May, she traveled to Simon Fraser University in Vancouver for the first annual SpokenWeb Sound Symposium, to perform the interactive sonic event: detritus. In 2019 - 2020, Nania was awarded grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec for her art performance.

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