Christine O'Donnell


Originally from Dunedin New Zealand, I trained as an architect before ca) when we were fortunate to be taught by two very well known NZ artists – Pat Hanley and Claudia Pond-Eyley. Our classes were often ‘plein aire’ throughout the city enduring weather and public critique. The classes were held weekly for about 4 academic years and were supplemented with studio time including life drawing classes, water-colour and perspective drawing. I graduated as an architect and life took over… but on an extended trip to Mexico two years ago, I finally had the time to go back to art and I am now a full-time artist working in Central Otago and the Coromandel. In my art, I am looking for an intimacy with nature – capturing a moment in time highlighted with the transient drama of an event – intimate moments that may not happen again - next week or month it will be different; weather, light and shadow, season or flora/fauna. On another day or even an hour later the moment is lost. I’m also interested in the majesty of nature and its forces and the small man-made interventions – do they add or detract from nature? To communicate this I sometimes change the perspective, and use silhouette to highlight both the foreground and the background or negative space we often overlook. My goal is to share the moments by allowing others to appreciate their environment, to see it differently and hopefully protect and cherish it and think about the man-made additions they make.

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