Saya Mitake



Born in Tokyo. 1996 Graduated from Tama Art University Graphic Design Major. She has drawn a picture since she was a child. Her father is a display designer. Her mother is a painter who is also a teacher of a painting classroom. Her younger sister also selected oil painting at the university. Besides being active as a graphic designer, she performs a solo exhibition of illustrations twice and a solo exhibition of accessories and abstract paintings once. It was around 2015 that she began abstract painting. Until then she thought that she could not draw a picture. She learned that abstract paintings can be used to sublimate inner conflicts and insufficient feelings of words. She self taught abstract paintings. She is doing drawing using acrylic or using a computer. Shimura Yusuke is the artist to whom she was directly influenced.


Fragments of Daily Life

October 2022
Kyoto, Japan
Four artists who incorporate creativity into their daily lives will exhibit fragments of their everyday lives. Three of them were members of Saya Mitake's workshop where she taught abstract painting. We invite you to view the works of these artists, who come from a variety of backgrounds and are full of individuality.

2022 HANBI

March 2022
Tokyo, Japan
The purpose of the HANBI Exhibition is to create a place where artists can freely present and interact with each other while pursuing sincere creative activities based on the philosophy that "all artists should stand on an equal footing, rejecting authoritarian hierarchies and the judging system. The organization also holds the unique exhibitions.

Saya MITAKE - solo exhibition- Precious Seeds

October 2021
Kyoto, Japan
She started this abstract expression in 2018. She says that she was so happy and enjoying herself that she started drawing one after another and posting them on SNS, and then she started receiving more and more offers from galleries overseas. She will hold her first solo exhibition here in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, after making her debut overseas.

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