M Gloria Hunter



Living on the Atlantic coast for most of my life, I have always been so humbled and inspired by the power of the ocean: the offering of calm, quiet, mindfulness; the sense of enduring movement; the reflection of impermanence and the cycles of the earth. The water and nature influence much of my work. In my practice, the act of making serves as an act of mindfulness. Much of the magic in finding creative flow lies in being fully present in the process. I typically do not begin a piece with a finished image in mind and approach the canvas with an idea that unfolds over time. My compositions begin with washes of color that build into translucent layers as the painting evolves. I utilize the white of the canvas or paper as a light source, which gives the painting a certain glow from within. Every brush stroke, color, erasure and addition are part of a give and take. The painting leads the way and you will often find an element of chance in my work.

Artist Statement

I am a painter living and working on the Northeast Atlantic coast. My seascapes and abstracts are greatly inspired by the water and nature. I leave a lot to mindful curiosity and experimentation and you will often find an element of chance in my work. I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I enjoy making them.


Stockton University

BFA - Painting
2001 - 2006

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