Mennato Tedesco is a very elegant and refined artist who expresses his pictorial inspiration through a style that can be traced back to the "modernist figurative neo-expressionism". Rather attentive to social dynamics, his characters amplify a marked irreverence towards the behaviors induced by consumerism and contemporaneity. The artist often intervenes on the canvas by adding various materials such as plastic, adhesive tape, fabrics etc. which always generate unusual and remarkable effects. It is the body, and the search for a probable limit, the field of investigation of the young italian artist; through color and unusual perspectives, seems to want to overcome even the limit of the limited space of the canvas, the two-dimensionality, in search of a new dimension that brings the viewer ever closer to the sense of expectation of the movement that is released starting from the human figure. The artist then intervenes on the canvas with the use of wallpaper, lace, ropes, adhesive tape and other materials that always generate unusual and remarkable effects. With his works he is present in numerous private collections in Italy and abroad.

Artist Statement

Collective art show at Istituto di Cultura Italiano di Atene-Settimana della Lingua Italiana ad Atene Da: 05-10-2021 a: 29-10-2021 in presenza e online Immagini, parole e musica per celebrare Dante e la Settimana della Lingua Italiana nel Mondo. -Finalis at "Premio Cascella 2020", Ortona (CH). september 2020 -Art Battle 2019/20. Collective art show from December,21 2019 to 30, May 2020. The Art Mall gallery,Milano, Via Torino 64 - 14 june,14 july 2010 "EQUILIBRI"solo show at "VIRTUTIS MUSEUM", Buenos Aires,77-Milano,Italy -24 April-8 may 2020 "Bambola" collective show-Naples-Italy -11-18 april "Legnano Arte 2010"Legnano-Italy -1 april-8 may "sospensini"solo show-Centro d'Arte Saronno-Varese-Italy - jan.2010,International Art Prize"La Colomba",Venice-Italy -20/24 august 2009,"Proponendo,proposte di arte contemporanea"Fiera internazionale,Forte dei Marmi-Lucca,Italy -from 5 to 26 july, 2009 V biennale"De Nittis"castello svevo di Trani-Barletta -from 1 may to 30 june 2009 temporary exposition at "the old mill gallery cafè " - Barossa Valley ,South Australia

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