Maureen McNeil



Mcneil is an artist in Toronto and her love of landscapes has catapulted her to an incredible career with collectors across Canada US and Europe Her love of the outdoors shows in her paintings with beautiful bright colours and movement, her paintings are seen as 3-D works of art that capture the movement sounds and sites of the beautiful Canadian landscape Visit her studio/gallery by appointment in Mississauga or online Mo McNeil on Instagram and Maureen McNeil on Facebook and LinkedIn

Artist Statement

I’m not a good sleeper because I can’t wait to get up and paint I love having my studio in my home I start off every morning very early I paint every day and I love it. My favourite subject trees and water challenge me on a daily basis...I like to put myself right in the painting , see myself sitting there looking around seeing the beautiful colours feeling the wind and smelling the fresh air. I love my clients and all my friends that have given me so much inspiration and support throughout my career Thank you for looking at my artwork Mo McNeil

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