Julea Boswell

Abstract Artist


I create joy-filled art that is full of colour, imagination, and a sense of movement. Abstract in style, each creation is a process of discovery. The creative concepts that shape my work are sparked by memories—a certain colour, place, activity, or simple turn of phrase. Having grown up in the amazing natural beauty of Prince Edward Island, the look and feel of my art is often awash with expressions of weather and water. I now split my time between Ottawa and PEI. Other forms of artistic expression also influence my work. My background as a dancer lends a sense of movement and balance and my skills as a modern quilt designer-maker affect my process. I invite you to feel the joy and energy infused in my art and be relaxed by its fresh and contemporary style. I hope it provides an uplifting diversion from the stresses in our current world and day-to-day lives. ***** Before working solely as a visual artist, Julea enjoyed a career that began in dance, moved into working in sustainability, arts and cultural planning with the City of Ottawa, and then as general manager with award-winning Propeller Dance Company. Julea is a Theatre School grad (dance major), holds an MBA, and is now working part-time towards a BFA in Visual Art. Her art is in private collections in Canada, Germany, Myanm

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