Klaus Kirchner

wood designer


Born 27.7.1969 in Aschaffenburg (Bavaria), Germany Different Schools from 1975 to 1985 Apprentice as Energy Electrician 1985-88 Bachelor in Telecommunications 1990-94 Masters in Digital Electronics 1994-95 Supportengineer in IT (Sybase and SAP) 1996 - 2015 Started Woodturning in 2005 with a base course Attended courses and workshops with Ray Key, Jimmy Clewes, Glenn Lucas, Nick Agar, Phil Irons, Hans Weissflog, Marc Hancock, J.F. Escoulen, Ernst Gamperl Took other crafts classes, knife making, stone sculpture, jewellery making Working part time since 2015 to have more time for Woodturning Since 2016 attending art + craft shows and exhibitions in Germany Since 2018 member of the german crafts council and crafts council Baden-Württemberg In September 2020 starting to work as a full time wood artist August 2020, Klaus Kirchner

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