Iro Dimitriou



Iro's drawing process is a way for her to dive into the unconscious. Image-making as self-exploration is the main driving force. Her images emerge through imaginative as well as observational means, as she tries to revive impressions of the half-awaken state. She draws inspiration from all forms of art and the spiritual life. The artworks stand between landscape, symbolism and abstraction, maintaining a sense of haziness and obscurity. EXHIBITIONS: 2021 ~ Nostalgia, Group Exhibition, The Holy Art Gallery, London, U.K. 2017 ~ Metamorphosis#1, Interactive installations and media walks, Animfest B, Athens 2016 ~ Meditarranean Bodies Exhibition, part of the European programme The Underwater Heart of the Mediterranean, under the auspices of the EU, Athens 2010 ~ European Association for Architectural Education, Educating Architects Towards Innovative Architecture, Istanbul 2010 ~ 22nd conference of Pandoiko, under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Development, Chania Cultural Center, Crete

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