Darin Wood


Darin Wood was born and raised in Canada.  He spent his formative years along the St. Lawrence River fishing and camping which imbued him with a sense of respect and adoration for nature.  His first memory of school was painting in Kindergarten. He found his love for painting blossom with tutelage from Mrs. Carriere in junior high and in high school under Mr. Franklin.  In 1996 he moved to West Virginia where he was immersed in American culture. One of his favorite finds was a journal that featured Richard Schmid. His love of painting was rekindled and he has been painting ever since.  In 2001, Wood moved to Austin, TX and settled in San Marcos, TX in 2004. His artistic influences include: Richard Schmid, John Singer Sargent, Diego Velasquez, Hokusai, Milt Kobayashi, Harley Brown, Sorolla, Cassatt, Ted Goershner, and several friends and contemporaries.

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