Daniel Herzka


I live in Manhattan as well as well as spending time in Florida. I grew up in Israel and after completing my Engineering and MBA education, I was hired by an international Israeli company and started to explore the world. I lived 5 years in Europe and eventually moved to the USA. I was working in executive position at several companies in the computerized Graphic Arts. In more than 20 years I have my own company working with global companies. I was painting since my childhood, initially with pencils and later on with charcoal and water colors. Only in the past 5 years I started to attend formal art classes in oil, figure and abstract painting. I attended classes at the Art Student League and the 92nd street Y. Although I love figure painting, Abstract painting allows me the freedom to express myself. I enjoy a lot of media such as boards, paper and canvas. In the last 3 years I became very good in using my iPadPro with a touch sensitive pen!! enjoy

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