Cathy Beharriell



Growing up in Northern Ontario surrounded by the natural beauty of lakes, rivers, and forests, Cathy has always had a passion for the arts. She has experience with a number of different artistic ventures including sewing, costume making, quilting and photography, but her true calling is creating paintings that inspire the viewer to reflect on their experiences and emotions to find their own interpretation of the brush strokes and washes of colour. Her paintings are meant to inspire deep self-reflection and foster a connection with our deeper base emotions and desires. These paintings are truly unique, and their creation often takes several days to arrive at a result that is nuanced and reflective of the depth of emotion that inspires each piece. The process begins with raw canvas which is custom cut to size and hand-primed to ensure colours stay vibrant and true to tone for years to come. Each painting is crafted using high-quality artist grade acrylics (unless otherwise specified), and is a genuine, one-of-a kind piece of art. Feel free to get in touch if you have a specific style or colour scheme in mind, custom pieces are always welcome!

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