Alyssa Rae

Visual Artist


I am a multimedia visual artist and entrepreneur based in Montreal, Canada. I created Art Today by Alyssa Rae to showcase and sell artwork that evokes happy, free, feel-good vibes.

Artist Statement

I am a black, female, multimedia visual artist and entrepreneur, who specializes in oil and acrylic painting. My influences consist of what I see, feel, and experience, while travelling and exploring natural landscapes and cultural settings. Furthermore, my artwork expresses elements of flow, structure, balance, and details, which are influenced by my backgrounds in dance and martial arts. Key themes that I address in my practice include self-discovery, happiness, and freedom. These themes are represented in distinct ways: My path to self-discovery involves exiting my comfort zone and travelling near and far, allowing me to discover new places and try new things that I would not typically feel at ease doing. Ultimately, my joy comes from pushing my boundaries to get to the beauty and sharing that beauty with others in the form of art. I enjoy using my art as a tool to connect with others. But the freedom to let my own experiences, thoughts and connections guide my work is paramount.



Art Education and Visual Arts (with Distinction) - Fine Arts
2014 - 2016


Oil Painting




Still Life




Martial Arts




One Full Circle (OFC) – International Black Businesses and Resources

June 2020
Artwork featured on their website

AfroBiz Black Entrepreneurs – Canadian Business Directory

May 2020
Artwork featured

Unite Prosper – Canadian Business Directory APP

May 2020
Artwork featured on the APP and website

Online research journal publication

April 2016
InARTE Journal: Issue #6 Kids Create Claymation Characters in Action! A Guide for Art Educators in the Community Art Setting Concordia University, Montreal, QC.


Concordia Fine Arts Student Alliance Special Project Grant

October 2015
Awarded to Collective 432 (Undergraduate Art Collective) by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montreal, QC.


What The Pop!

September 2020
Montreal, Quebec
From the business and art community, a jury of local leaders selected and hosted over 50 emerging artists from all over the province of Quebec. The goal was to create a channel to market and distribute their art.

Artist Association of Dollard Virtual Art Exhibition

April 2020
Montreal, Quebec

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