Visual Artist I was a playful and very imaginative child. I had contact with visual and audiovisual languages early. One of my favorite activities was painting. I studied Technical Drawing for a year in 2011. In 2013 I started my undergrad studies in Visual Arts and was able to develop my drawing, painting, sculpture and wood engraving techniques. Afterward, in 2015, I presented my undergraduate thesis, which was a study called Narrativa Processual do Olhar (Procedural narrative of the "look") a research that dealt with endless observations and creative processes. Also in 2015 I held two group exhibitions at the University and in the following year, I continued the research and its derivative materials. The materiality of non-figuration was already present at the time. In the same year, I joined the only Stage management course in the country, working in many theatres collectives, big and small productions as a painter, prop maker, stage director, set designer and stage manager. I also had the opportunity to work as a photographer in some productions. My visual research is about non-figurative images, surrealism and aesthetics of accumulation. Making paintings through the materiality of colors and textures, I also research the fluidity of each materiality displayed. My works are currently available in @artsmaqui instagram and online portfolio.

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