Jamie Leigh

Abstract Artist


Hello, my name is Jamie. I create paintings that are filled with texture, light, color, and expressive marks. I love working like this because the texture reminds me of the valleys and mountains out in the landscape. I LOVE watching the dark ink pool into the lower areas, leaving the higher peaks for lighter colors. The expressive marks I include in my art are made with a variety of tools, such as brushes, toothpicks, brayer (ink rollers), and my favorite silicone wedge. Each of my tools creates different marks and allows me to add even more texture to my paintings. Sometimes, I remove paint with a fragrance-free baby wipe (very useful in the studio). Everything I do to the canvas reveals a little bit more of the painting to me, sort of like Michelangelo, when he said "there's an angel inside of that marble stone." When I start a painting I usually look for inspiration up in the clouds, my flower garden, the light filtering through the trees, or the river flowing under the bridge. I'll say a quick prayer to paint good work today. Add peppermint to my mister and turn it on so it can fill the studio with its minty scent. Then I begin the first layer... Eventually, it turns into a finished work of art. One of my dreams is to have a large building in my backyard with a gallery in the front half of it and my studio in the back half. I believe ART means so much more when you understand the motivation behind it and behind the artist, don't you think?


Columbia College-Chicago

Bachelors - Fine Art
2014 - 2019
Though I studied at Columbia and earned my B.A. degree in Fine art everything, I needed to know about painting abstract art I learned from Amira Rahim and Ciara Gilmore.


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abstract art

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