pooja taneja

Mixed Media Painter


Born in the colorful city of Mumbai, India, I moved to the sparkling city of Dubai which I called home for over 14 years. Currently I reside in Houston, Texas. From a very young age, I loved travelling to different countries, collecting local unique creations and visiting museums. As a child I would always sit in a corner and paint, but then as I grew up, life got busy. I restarted my art journey two years ago. For me, colors bring in happiness and so they did for me when I lost my younger brother and life went south. When I look back I see, how much my art kept me focused on recovering and bringing joy in other people’s life through my paintings. I feel satisfied knowing that my artwork is making a positive difference in someone’s life. I do catered to specific requests by my clients by working around their ideas infused with my style of painting.

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