Julia Chuquis

Abstract Artist - Adelaide


“Art for me is a way to express deep emotion when words cannot. I love painting abstract pieces intuitively, from a place within me that I know is connected to the source of all things” Julia Chuquis is an Adelaide-based artist. Her passion lies in abstract expressionism. Spending time in nature, exploring for new tools and finding new ways to apply colours and texture, is where she finds her source for inspiration. Julia’s artwork has evolved into a fusion of her love for interior design and her intuitive connection. Creating extra large statement artwork that reflects current trends in design and colour. She titles her artwork to reflect what inspired her when creating each piece, seeking to invoke the viewer's individual emotions and inducing further exploration and personal interpretation. Her artwork has sold to collectors and exhibited throughout Australia also featuring in international magazines. Education & Exhibitions: * Adelaide Central School of Art * Milan Art Institute * Newmarch Gallery Exhibition 2021 * Walkerville Art Show 2021 * Glenside Art Show 2021 * Somerset, VIC, Art Show 2021

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