Anne-Julie Hynes

Multidisciplinary Artist


Anne-Julie Hynes is a contemporary artist from Montreal, Canada. Her work reflects a strong and powerful relationship to landscape and nature. She works with different mediums such as painting, photography, collage and sculpture. Her talent has allowed her to be chosen for different research and creation art residencies around the world. She now considers herself as a nomadic artist. She lets the country or the town where she sets her studio affect her work. The environment and surrounding of these new areas, have considerable influence and impact on her production. The lieu becomes her muse. Since her Bachelor degree in Fine Arts at Concordia University in 1992, Anne-Julie Hynes’s works have been shown in Canada, but also China, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Tahiti. Her artworks have generated written media interest, such as Vie des Arts, Plaisirs de Vivre, Envision Arts and Art.icle. Many of her creations are part of private and public collections, including Le Méridien in Tahiti and Énergir in Montreal.

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