Aljaž Vidrajz


Education at the most respected school of mosaic - the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in Italy allowed Aljaž to understand 'the mosaic processes' in all of its essence. He was immersed in mosaic techniques, learned the secret language of many materials, and laid thousands of mosaic pieces during the study, which paved the way to his independent professional career as a mosaic artist. His spirit has always had creative energy boiling inside him, and with each work he continue further on the path of discovery. Throughout his career he had developed his signature three dimensional mosaic technique, which structures the rhythms that informs his personal work. While creating, the power of the message and the idea build up piece by piece, tessera after tessera, and so develops the play of shadows, reflections, textures and colors. The result is an image that urges the observer to consume it as a whole and at the same time invites them to dip into its souls details and to discover the beauty of mosaic structures. Sustainably oriented works of art encroach into space, co-create it and become an important architectural element. As a professional mosaic artist, he participate in various projects and education, presenting his work at exhibitions while he participate in art colonies at home and abroad.

Artist Statement

My goal is experimenting with mosaic techniques which are very slow by nature. This is giving me the opportunity to collide the slow execution with and idea trapped in a brief moment. End results are often a surprise to a viewer. In my work I capture ordinary things, that are surrounding us every day, in certain moment in which they can tell us quite a different story. Mosaic is a continuous process of translating modern materials in combination with more traditional marble and glass into a realization of visual experiments. Using different mosaic techniques together with complementary colours and 3D structuration is giving me variety of different options and ways to bring vision into reality. Working with different elevations and raising mosaic in third dimension is my way of communication with the audience. Every angle of view is producing different visual effects. In the process of creation I am using a classical mosaic education from Italy in combination with my own techniques. I try to experiment and explore new possibilities of mosaic implementation into modern architecture and also use of mosaic as individual piece of art. It is interesting to observe how mosaic transcend from fragile idea without material form into a timeless piece of art that will last millenniums.

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