Alex Coma

Contemporary Visual Artist


Alex Coma is an interdisciplinary artist, mystic, and researcher who shares his findings from the invisible world through visual representations that take the forms of multi sensorial installations. His artistic practice is motivated by a desire to update what has for a long time been seen as pseudoscience’s and to bring new light on many esoteric practices and teachings from Western and Eastern mysticism. His creations therefore become a testimony of his own experiments in the domain of the invisible that he then uses as what could be called “spiritual art therapy” to access his own inner-truths to then showcase to the public. Graduated from Concordia University in 2014 with a BFA in Photography, Alex Coma then pursued his studies at the Montreal Fine Arts Academy where he received a merit scholarship in 2017. Recipient of grants from the Montreal Art Counsel (ARTCH 2019), the projects of Alex Coma have been presented in individual, group exhibitions and art fairs, notably at the Visionary Art Collective (New-York 2021), Marie-Uguay Cultural Center (2021), Archive Contemporary (2020), Stewart Hall Gallery (2020), Ubisoft Gallery (2019), Affordable Art Fair Battersea (London 2019), Affordable Art Fair Brussels (2019), Ave Gallery (2019), The Hamptons Art Fair (2018), VAV Gallery (2014). His work is in a few collections such as the Colart Collection, the Ubisoft Collection and Jacques Champagne’s Collection and has been talked about in media such as CBC Arts and La Presse.

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