Alejandra Pinango



Painting is a deep need for me, an integral piece of who I am, a channel for expression. It is a therapy tool in which I get lost in time and space: my mind wanders into its world, while everything around me disappear and the time stand still. I have painted all my life but few years ago, while living in the fabulous city of London, my artistic fiber was really ignited so I started doing illustrative work using watercolor and gouache. I was selling items online with my designs printed on them and even though I enjoyed it and people were very interested in my work and loved it, I felt that something was missing: I was feeling that I needed to express myself in a different way. It wasn´t until I discover acrylic painting and fell deeply in love with abstract art that I finally found what I was looking for. I am a self-taught artist and my passion is to learn every day about this trade. I have learned a great deal from other artists and in less than a year, I am really surprised that I have come to this length and I cannot wait to achieve even more in what I like to call "my art journey". I am surprised and grateful to find that people that I know and that I never thought would be interested in abstract art, are being moved by my pieces and encouraging me to continue. I paint following my intuition, the ebbs and flows of my subconscious mind, without knowing where it will take me or what the outcome will be. Sometimes I have a vision inside my head about how the painting s

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