Uruba Slaughter


Born in New York City and currently residing in St. Louis, MO, Uruba is a professional artist whose focus is abstractions . Her use of custom textures and acrylic colors enable her to portray visions with commanding depth. Uruba’s passion for becoming an artist was put on hold for over 20 years as she was completely engrossed with her role as wife and mother of four. Now with an empty nest she has found the time and attention to focus her spirit ,energy and focus into her creative works. In 2013 she was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. She found that her uses of receptive meditation and reflection, allowed her to accurately reflect her emotions, experience and power to flow through colors, texture, and meaning that flow onto the canvas. This process was therapeutic and by December 2018 she had painted that aneurysm away, which was to the awe and surprise of her Physicians. In that time Uruba has amassed a catalog of original masterpieces that can never be duplicated, her art is not about defined patterns it is purely from the inside out! Each work is created with colors, texture , and acrylic created by her personally developed sponging technique none of her pieces follow a defined plan or pattern. They are ready to hang and appropriate for residential, commercial, and corporate installation; and come with a certificate of authenticity

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