Mara Szyp

Painter & illustrator


Mara G. Szyp is an established international Argentinean-Canadian artist. She is a double cancer survivor. Mara loves working with oils, acrylics and watercolours. The artist has illustrated two published children’s books & a well-being book. She specializes on West Coast seascapes & Contemporary Abstracts and enjoys painting animals and nudes. She is a very intuitive artist, and her senses are open to perceive the world around her and that’s something you can see and feel through her art. She draws her inspiration from nature all around her from her home and studio in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. And from the feelings brewing within herself and her undoubtedly sensitivity.

Artist Statement

Many times, in my life, I had to pack up and move and reinvent myself but there was always a voice in the back of my head that would whisper “keep seeking” and then life changes right in front of my eyes, and like following dance moves I didn’t know I knew… that voice sang “You are home” I paint to free myself of the chains around me, my body and my mind. Specially to shatter the chains around my soul. When I am birthing a new art piece, it expresses who I was while morphing into who I will become. I create art because it feeds my heart and gives me a purpose. The colours I choose chose me, just as the music influences my aura, the colours I paint speak for themselves. In my portraits I see through their eyes, in my nudes I feel through their skins, in my abstracts I scream and dance and grow as their limitless shapes move and unfold, just as my life as an artist, bright and constantly evolving. I thank God for giving me the strength to get to be here and to be able to answer my calling. I Thank God for another (and another) chance to live my life. And above all, I thank my wonderful partner without whom I wouldn’t have been able to throw myself head on into this exciting and rewarding new path!

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