Satyajeet Pandere



"My paintings are diverse of the divine celestial human beings. I want to say things in a few words. I aim at Perfection and Simplicity." My paintings happen to accidentally form through my sub-consciousness, seeing the way out itself. The subject emerges, rather than me to have an urge of it. This is a mystery that I continue interpreting during the period I work. Creating a piece that has no relation or link with anything. They outstand with their integrity, the reliability in the process of blending the techniques in sustainable terms, a metaphor evokes the emotive qualities of the figures. Having fervor for a female form with a verse is quite exquisite in a way and has been dominant in many aspects of life, including my paintings. Also, figures are not having a physical ubiquity. My compositions are focused on a subject that leads to the complexities and the allegory of the human condition. What's witnessed is a solidified and enhanced version in every materiality of the body, closely linked to the gesture of the human form that transpires in various situations.

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