Aurelia Mertens

Painting Performing Sculpting, moments of presence


I am a young german artist living in Germany and Italy. Being an artist means to me, doing things out of love and joy. My ambition is to live following my heart, even if it seems very unconventional. So somehow getting closer to the essence of life. I work with different materials and techniques and I love to combine them. My artwork contains performance, installation, sculptures and paintings. The main message of my artwork is, that we are all out of the same world. I want to show with my artwork that we all belong to the same place and that we all come from the same place. Imagination is the only way to get closer to each other. I like taking the nature as example to explain shared feelings and experiences of the human being. My current projects deal with the connection to our inner self and our fellow human. The portraits you can buy on this Plattform, are a research of who we are. Who we are behind all the conditions that life imposes us, all things that forms our mind. The beautiful souls you find behind the mind. That moments when we are not led by thoughts.

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