Alexander Knysch



I learned the professional work with wood and solid wood tables in the Redwood area in Santa-Cruz (California, USA) with a well-known Woodworker and deepened my knowledge with carpenters in Germany and Switzerland. In Radolfzell on Lake Constance, I work as a solid wood furniture maker recognized by the German Chamber of Crafts. In my professional life before that, I completed a master's degree in industrial engineering and worked in project management for several years. During these years, I had an ever increasing need to be crafty and creative and started designing and building simple pieces of wooden furniture in a neighboring workshop. The hobby became a passion and, after successfully passing the exam, finally a profession. Meanwhile, my works are in most major cities in Germany, Holland and Switzerland. In my designs I combine the traditional material wood with modern materials and methods. As much emphasis is placed on quality, function and durability as on design and aesthetics. Each product is designed and manufactured in direct collaboration with the customer. From the first sketch in CAD, through the selection of materials, a possible prototype, to the finished product, or through a personalization of existing designs, furniture is created that perfectly fits the customer and the living space.

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