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My inspiration flower photo with my artwork

This flower is called ‘Coral Jasmine’ in English and ‘Har Singar’ in Hindi…

also called ‘Raat Ki Rani’ meaning -

The Queen Of The Night ! as it blooms only at night …

From my finissage after a 7-month wait

Before I upload more of my newer pieces..... here is one that was part of an exhibition in the Hungarian countryside. Because of the pandemic there could be no opening, and after 7 months there was the chance for a fimissage.

This work was completed in 2017, and is more collage than painting, as I cut out triangles from older paper works and glued them o to the surface, before adding more layers.

Delight and gratitude ~

I am delighted to join the two geniuses who have created this amazing spot for artists to mount their master pieces on ~

Sunday Joy

This Abstract painting was created on IPadPro in a very high resolution!


Hi I'm new here I'm selling my paintings, hope you like it. :)

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Big Day

Painting live today at a Superyacht boat show experience. I only have two hours to pull off a 24x72 inch canvas lol. Prepped it a bit. Going with an interior design/floral theme. Wish me luck!!!

Bubble Wrap Painting

This week I discovered Canadian artist Bradley Hart - he creates insanely beautiful photorealistic paintings by injecting paint into bubble wrap, one bubble by one!! So tedious, but so worth it; his work ethic and dedication is so inspiring.