Favorite place to draw inspiration?

I love hearing artists talk about their inspirations. Where do you find yours most often or where is your favorite?

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lauracgeorge1563 that's so sad @stellarobins1757 Can you not even find inspiration in the way people are finding themselves during these trying times? Or the way our medical professionals have stepped up and taken on immense emotional burden? Or at least just like walking out in nature because that's still there and still beautiful.....?
cf123 my cottage!
stellarobins1757 so hard to find inspiration these days
lauracgeorge1563 I feel you @mandarinaesc565!
lauracgeorge1563 I love the beach, @wlande199925 I am the most relaxed in the woods, which tends to help my creativity. But my best inspiration comes from looking at a ton of other art.
mandarinaesc565 I love going to museums, galeries and studios or simply public art in general. Art is everywhere! There's a lot of virtual exhibitions to check out too.
wlande199925 How about yours?
wlande199925 The beach!