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Youtube Channels to Watch if You are Passionate About Art

María Escalona and India-Lynn Upshaw-Ruffner December 14 2021


Looking for some new art content to binge? Check out this list of art focused YouTube channels!

If you’re an art enthusiast, you undoubtedly seek out art related content in many different facets of your life. This, of course, includes YouTube videos. YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing platforms on the internet. As such, it is full of art related content for you to enjoy. However, with so much content, it may be difficult for you to weed out the best videos to watch. Fear not! We’ve compiled a list of the best YouTube channels to watch if you are passionate about art.

The Business of Art: As artists, knowing how to create art is essential. For those of us involved in an artistic craft, we usually are pretty well versed in what we specialize in, whether that's painting, writing music, dancing, etc. But one thing many artists struggle with is the actual BUSINESS of art.

Once you create art, how do you sell it? How do you market yourself? How do you become known? How do you make a living off of art? This channel aims to help you learn how to make a business out of your art. If you’re looking for tips on how to sell your art, “The Business of Art” is a great place to start.

ArtResin: ArtResin™ is unquestionably the best 2-part epoxy resin product for your artwork, photography, and creative projects. Their YouTube channel features videos showing you how to best utilize their products. This is extremely helpful for any artists looking to start using resin in their work.

Art21: Art21 is a celebrated global leader in presenting thought-provoking and sophisticated content about contemporary art. It is the go-to place to learn skills firsthand from artists of our time. A nonprofit organization, Art21’s mission is to inspire a more creative world through the works and words of contemporary artists.

Art21 produces several film series, including: "Art in the Twenty-First Century," a Peabody Award-winning, Emmy-nominated, PBS-broadcast television series; "Extended Play," the first and longest-running digital series committed to documenting the lives and works of contemporary artists; and "New York Close Up," an acclaimed digital series profiling early career artists living and working in New York City.

The Art Assignment: The Art Assignment is a weekly PBS Digital Studios production hosted by curator Sarah Urist Green. They explore art and art history through the lens of things happening today.

Baumgartner Restoration: This YouTube channel delves into professional art restoration. Discover the behind the scenes of what a professional painting restorer does to keep treasured artworks beautiful. You can watch the videos with narration exploring the step by step process of restoration, or choose to watch the calming ASMR versions.

Crash Course: This educational channel covers a wide range of topics in episodic series that take deep dives into a particular subject. One course that may be of interest to art lovers is their series on media literacy. This series helps both artists and art lovers alike learn ways to understand and decode the artworks they make and purchase. Bidgala also has a helpful article that explainshow to read a painting, for those looking to engage further with the artworks they are buying for their homes.

Smarthistory: Smarthistory is a channel made by Khan Academy that focuses exclusively on analyzing artworks throughout history. If you're an art enthusiast with a shorter attention span, this channel might be just for you. Their videos are short, bite sized analyses of an artwork and the context in which it was made.

Nerdwriter1: This channel posts well crafted and intriguing video essays weekly . The video essays cover many great artworks and topics, such as the life of Picasso, or a deepdive into Cézanne's notable paintings. This channel also has many video essays on other visual art mediums, such as film, but also on other topics in pop culture.

Art in Color: This channel focuses on the history of art from within the BIPOC community. Art in Color features a collection of videos made by curator and cultural writer Jaelynn Walls. It's a new channel hoping to expand its scope to worldwide art from the community of color, but it focuses on American art for now. This is the perfect way for art enthusiasts to learn more about the diversity found in the art world that is often omitted from gallery walls.

Negative Feedback: Tutorials, vlogs, and fun photography challenges are what this channel is all about. If you're an art lover interested in photography and how it works, but also interested in learning more about what the life of a photographer is like, this channel has no shortage of content for photography enthusiasts to enjoy!

Little Art Talks: Are you really into art, and always hear terms like chiaroscuro, iconography, or ready-made flying around, and you're not quite sure what they mean? Little Art Talks features short deep dive videos into specific terms in the art world, allowing you to learn more about your love for art. This is a great channel to check out if you’d like to familiarize yourself with artistic language.

Great Art Explained: As the title suggests, this is a channel that deconstructs history's most famous and infamous artworks. For art lovers looking to expand their knowledge of art history, this is the perfect channel to start with. Whether you’d like to learn more about Frida Khalo, the history behind the making of the Mona Lisa, or how to understand Gustav Klimt's The Kiss, this channel explores topics in art history in 15 minutes or less. Perfect for art lovers on the go!

Solar Sands: Solar Sands is a channel that creates captivating videos on a variety of topics in pop culture, such as phobias, film culture,and art tropes. The channel's art videos are especially interesting, as this creator really takes an in depth look at a specific topic in art. Some examples include Michelangelo's unfinished sculptures, or Jackson Pollock's non drip paintings.

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