“Sphère N°3 Gold and Lapis Blue” by Elodie G. Fira

Why Sculptures Make a Great Addition to Any Home

India-Lynn Upshaw-Ruffner November 30 2021


This article provides points to consider when looking for a sculpture to incorporate into your home.

Sculptures are an underrated art form to use as decor in living spaces. Adding sculptures to your home may seem intimidating, as they tend to be costly and a significant use of space, meaning that you must carefully consider your purchase. This article provides points to consider when looking for a sculpture to incorporate into your home. Doing so isn’t as daunting as it seems! Here are 5 reasons why sculptures make a great addition to any home.

“Cherry Blossom Gold and Rose Gold Wire Tree Sculpture on Maple Base with Roots and Spring Flowers” by Alex Gladstone

1. Sculptures bring texture and dimension to a space

Ensure adequate lighting, especially with glass or sculptures made with reflective materials (metal, aluminum, plastic etc.). Sculptures are a great interior design item that can add visual interest to a space, keeping visitors' eyes travelling across the room decor. The sculpture will also always be there for you to look at and appreciate, bringing a spark of joy into your everyday life.

2. Sculptures create a narrative space in your home

Most artists make sculptures with an intended message in mind. Learn about the artist’s story and the message behind their work. It is amazing how many layers of meaning a single sculpture can have. Adding a meaningful sculpture into your home will bring interesting ideas from the outside world into your living space.

“Chair Void” by Kyla Yager

3. Don’t forget about sculpture opportunities in your yard/garden!

Not everyone has a large garden or yard space, but for those who do, it's a great area to showcase sculptures, especially larger ones. Don’t be afraid to experiment with larger shapes outdoors. You can even add functional sculptures such as birdbaths, gateways, and seating. Just be sure that whatever sculpture you choose to put outside is made of appropriate weatherproof and wildlife safe materials. The sky’s the limit for what you can decide to display!

4. Size matters

Adding a sculpture to your home does not have to be a monstrous task. You can begin with something small, or something functional like handmade ceramics. If you live in a small home, you cannot afford to waste precious space. When looking for a sculpture, consider putting up something that can hang from the ceiling or the wall. A small sculpture doesn’t have to have a smaller impact! A little piece of visual interest in a tiny space can improve cohesion and add a pop to an otherwise solely functional area.

“Rocking Bowl” by Klaus Kirchner

When discussing sculptures throughout this article, I want to emphasize that I am not talking about mass-produced sculptures from box stores. Instead, I urge you to purchase and incorporate handmade items from artists into your home. There are countless artists in your local area that are producing beautiful work ready to be displayed, and there are plenty of options here on Bidgala to browse through too. To read more about one sculpture artist from Bidgala, check out this interview with Marc Rayner. You can also learn more about the value of displaying art in your home in this article.

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