Why connecting with the artist and their story matters

Anastasia Koutsogiannis and Stephanie Medalsy October 29 2021


Engaging with artists and their background will undoubtedly elevate your artistic experiences.

Anyone can appreciate art if they set their mind to it. At first glance, trying to understand the significance of a piece can feel a bit confusing. What makes this painting so special? Who decides that it is? These are all valid questions. An art enthusiast will go on and on about why a piece is important, but they definitely did some digging to find that information.

Can you recall a time your art lover friend rambled on and on about a stunning piece? They know the artist’s story like the back of their hand, and it makes all the difference. We all have a reason to do the things we do and feel the way we do; something that drives us to get up in the morning. These reasons fuel our passions and give us purpose. The artist’s story is what gives us a window into a piece’s purpose. Here are a few reasons why connecting with an artist and their story is a crucial step in art appreciation.

A deeper understanding

An artist creates from their own deep-rooted experiences. With a thoughtful approach, understanding art can be incredibly rewarding! By putting yourself in the artist’s shoes, you'll dive into the concepts that drive their work. Reading up on them, their background, their story, and their creative journey provides a look into their emotional side. Artists have the gift of documentation: they highlight every aspect of our lives in beautiful, more digestible ways. They make us feel heard by interpreting our dreams, nightmares, history, politics, bodies, fashion, and inequalities, to name a few!

This is especially helpful when engaging with conceptual or abstract art. Do the colors have a special place in the artist’s life? Perhaps they never used bright colors before and something called for a change? You don’t always have to guess what a piece means, you can simply create your own understanding of it. This way, your personal creativity and ideas intertwine with what’s in front of you.

Singers have their lyrics, authors have their stories, but often painters let their art speak for itself. This is not necessarily a bad thing; when art is open to interpretation, it can mean something different to many different people. Art lovers all over the world appreciate art’s openness to interpretation. That being said, when an artist is trying to convey a message, and all they have is brush strokes on a canvas that was once blank, their story is essential.

A different perspective

Whether you see art as subjective or objective, making room for other opinions sparks conversation. What if the artist sees their work in a completely different way? Why not challenge that? Engaging with others about a piece stimulates discussion. Art, at its very core, is meant for contemplation. Disagreeing is a part of the fun.

Take advantage of the knowledge you may have about an artist’s opinions, beliefs, and stories; they create with their own unique voice. Artist's stories are important because they interpret and reflect on the world as we know it. They often touch upon and express ideas in ways that no one else can. Without art, we wouldn't know the emotional, philosophical, and spiritual connotations of everyday life and history. Our cultural landscape shifts and changes because of art. Try considering how they see things, even if it’s completely different than how you see them. You may find yourself rethinking some of your core values!

More than a transaction

Sometimes, we may see an artist as a creative machine rather than a person. When it comes to buying art, learning about the seller can be very beneficial. If you have the opportunity to interact with them, go for it!

Platforms such as Bidgala make this simple and less intimidating. For example, Bidgala’s chat feature allows you to have an interactive purchase. Every artist has a profile that you can explore, and if you’re interested, you can send them a friendly message! You can easily connect with the artist and their story, rather than keeping things impersonal. This way, your chosen piece inevitably becomes more meaningful.

Buying original art is not just about making your home look good (although that is a plus). When artists sell and share their work, they’re giving a little piece of themselves away. Creators have the tools to reflect on the happiest, scariest, and most raw parts of living. A piece of artwork holds endless inspirations, memories, and emotions coming together as one.

Acquiring art is often deeply personal for both buyer and seller. Bonding with the artist and learning about them will do their work justice.

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