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Where to Start in Your Art Collecting Journey

Dorran Abbott April 26 2023


Art collecting may seem intimidating and elitist from the outside; a passion that is reserved for wealthy art enthusiasts. However, art collecting is for anyone! That is why we have listed some tips and tricks for beginner art collectors in their pursuit of purchasing art.

So, you want to start an art collection? This can be both an exciting and terrifying venture. Art collecting is often presented through the lens of wealth and prestige, wherein art enthusiasts spend thousands and thousands of dollars on expensive artwork, hoarding it in their mansions. This stereotypical notion of art collecting is understandable, but it does not accurately reflect the vast world of art collecting. It doesn’t have to be stuffy, elitist, and exclusionary. There is so much more to art collecting than what is presented in the media. At the end of the day, art collecting is unique to each person, and there is no “right” way to go about it.

It can be intimidating knowing where to look when you want to purchase art. There are a vast number of art galleries out there to look at. Not to mention, there are also online art marketplaces that you can look at—such as Bidgala! Take time to research all of the art galleries in your area, or even exhibitions and art fairs. Visit these galleries, exhibitions, and art fairs and see what piques your interest. If you see something you like, write down the artist’s name or even their contact information, if it is available. This way you can do more research on the artist and see if their art is something you think you’d like to have in your collection. You may end up falling in love with one particular artist, whom you may want to collect pieces from exclusively. By immersing yourself in art galleries, you will learn what kind of art you most enjoy.

The type of art galleries that you choose to look at is likely going to depend on your budget. Some art galleries have a wide range of artwork with varying prices. So, the specific amount you are willing to pay for your art is your decision. If your budget is higher, your options are likely going to be more extensive. This will mean more research, but it will allow you to have tons more options. You may even be able to purchase artwork from a world-renowned artist. However, please remember that you can always change your budget in the future. Don’t feel pressured to spend all your savings when you begin purchasing art. After all, this is only the beginning of your art-collecting journey, so try not to get too ahead of yourself right away.

If your art-collecting budget is quite small, look out for emerging artists. There are a plethora of emerging artists, many of whom may be local to your city or town, that have affordable art for sale. Plus, it is possible that their art could potentially turn into a great investment in the future. Not to mention, you would be supporting an emerging artist, which is a nice thing in and of itself. Finding an art gallery that caters to your budgetary constraints is possible, but it may take some time. There is affordable art out there.

Ultimately, starting an art collection is exciting, but it can be costly. The most important thing to remember before you begin your art collection is that there is no rush. You have all the time in the world to cultivate your dream art collection. It is best to truly value the art that you collect. Of course, you are free to collect whatever you desire, but you will likely appreciate your collection much more if you genuinely love the pieces within it. The appreciation for your art collection will be more possible by taking your time to find the right pieces to add to your collection. Don’t worry about trying to buy a bunch of art all at once; there is nothing wrong with taking your time. So, take all the time you need and enjoy the process. You’ll know when you have found the right piece, and you’ll be happy that you spent the time to search for it. And don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. If you’re going to be spending money on an art piece, it is important you have all the important information.

Good luck!

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