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Tips for Choosing Online Print Art as a Gift Option This Holiday

Joan Amanwi November 30 2022


Whether you are a novice to the art world or an avid art enthusiast, this article is all about helping you pick out the best art for your special someone this holiday season.

It is that time of the year once again and like always, we are all wondering what to get for our friends, families, colleagues, or partners this season. Whether you are a novice to the art world or an avid art enthusiast, picking out online print art for someone else can be daunting, but don’t worry. This article is meant to ease the process of selecting and buying the right print art gift this holiday season.

Online print art is one of the most common and affordable art forms existing today. Apart from it being a great gift option, the ability to print art makes it easy for artists to sell their digital paintings online to art lovers, art enthusiasts, or anyone who wishes to buy prints in general. Without further ado, let us dive into four simple things you need to consider when picking out online art prints this season as a gift option.

1. Who is the art for – An Art lover or a Novice?

When picking out a present in general, it is important to distinguish who the receiver is and target your choice to the receiver’s tastes and preferences. As such, it helps to know whether the person is an art enthusiast or a novice. Art lovers generally have more knowledge about artists and are more inclined toward certain artworks. On the contrary, art novices have limited knowledge about art and artists in general.

As such, when picking out gift art for an art lover, choose prints from their favourite artists, or a piece from an art collection that matches their general taste. You are more likely to select something they would love by leaning towards their artistic preferences to inform your choice of gift. If your receiver is a novice, try picking out a print that matches their personality, home, or office décor, etc. The next section elaborates more on this.

2. Where is the art meant to be? In the home, office, etc.

Art, like clothes and furniture, works better in some settings than others. As such, some prints are best for specific places in home décors (bedrooms, kitchen, living spaces, etc.), others work better in office spaces, while some are multipurpose. Before settling on a given print online, first, decide on where you would like it placed and go from there. Just in case you are uncertain about where your receiver might want to place their gift, try picking art based on the general theme of their home’s canvas and décor, colour palette, etc.

Some people like minimalistic designs, others more complex ones, and some love plants, animals, etc. Having these insights might help you pick online prints that beautifully complement your loved ones’ space. Art is meant to be hung, not hidden behind cupboards. As such, picking the right online print art for a space will help the receiver easily display it.

3. What platform will you use to buy the prints?

There are so many online art sellers. Picking out the right platform to buy your prints makes all the difference. Whatever platform you decide to use, it is advisable to vet its reliability. You can do this by going through customer reviews, articles about the seller/platform, etc. before making a purchase.

Just in case you are wondering what platform to use, try BIDGALA. It is a reliable online platform that equally gives you the option of talking directly with artists before settling on an art piece. You can learn more about the meaning and inspiration behind the art you wish to buy and more! Most importantly, BIDGALA’s secure platform protects both buyers and sellers from fraud. Feel free to go through the bountiful online gallery of prints to find yourself a gift this holiday. - Thank me later.

4. How will you parcel it?

Congratulations! You have found the ideal online print gift for that special someone but wrapping the gift is something few people really think about when it comes to art. However, knowing how to parcel and preserve an art piece after purchasing it is extremely important.

Unlike other solid holiday gifts such as clothing and toys, online prints are fragile and can be destroyed before they meet the end user. So, it is essential to package them in a beautiful way that prevents them from getting damaged. It doesn’t hurt to spend a few extra coins on secure packaging to ensure that your beautiful gift gets to its final destination in one piece.

Note: You don’t have to worry about parcelling hazards when you shop at BIDGALA. Our artists make sure your package is secure and beautiful before handing it over.

We hope these tips help you pick out the best art this holiday and many other days to come. We love to hear from you. Feel free to share your art-shopping experience in the comment section below.


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