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The 5 Best Places in Canada for Artists to Live In—Or Visit!

Dorran Abbott January 18 2023


For many artists, their art is more than a means of self-expression and creativity. For them, it is a lifestyle. The art scene varies from province to province, but you are sure to find a unique artistic flair in each of the 5 places we have listed down below.

#5 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown churches at dawn by Welcome PEI

Not only is this East Coast destination affordable and quaint, but it boasts an incredibly diverse and vibrant art scene. From yearly art festivals, exhibitions, and studio sessions with local artists, Charlottetown is sure to satisfy your artistic appetite. Charlottetown is also home to the Confederation Centre of the Arts, a cultural hub for visual and performing arts which includes a beautiful art gallery.

#4 Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Skyline by Aaron Davis (Wikipedia)

It may seem obvious, but Toronto is a bustling city with an incredible art scene. There are many opportunities to get involved in the art world of Toronto, including art-related jobs, workshops, festivals, museums, and more. Toronto has spawned some of the highest-charting musical artists of our generation, including Drake, The Weeknd, and Shawn Mendes. Toronto is a great place for emerging artists to hone their craft. However, Toronto is a lively city, so it may not be the right choice for someone who is opting for a more peaceful locale.

#3 Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

The Famous Three Churches of Mahone Bay by Shawn M. Kent (Wikipedia)

If you’re looking for solace and simplicity, check out this picturesque little town in Nova Scotia, located on the Atlantic shoreline. With numerous art galleries, shops, historic buildings, and local artists and artisans, this town is sure to make a glorious location for an artistic soul. Mahone Bay is known for its artistic and entrepreneurial spirit, so at the very least, it wouldn’t hurt to plan a trip there.

#2 Vancouver, British Columbia

View of Downtown Vancouver by David G. Gordon (Wikipedia)

Vancouver is a city that is rooted in arts and culture. Over the years, the many blank walls of the city have been covered in amazing murals from Canadian artists. In fact, the city routinely commissions experienced and emerging artists to produce art installations and other artworks. If you plan to move here, your mural or art installation may just become another part of the artistic fabric of this city. Since the cost of living is high, you may opt for a visit rather than a full-on move. Either way, you are guaranteed to love what Vancouver has to offer. Not only does Vancouver have the fifth-largest art museum in Canada, but it also hosts numerous festivals, outdoor exhibitions, and more.

#1 Montreal, Quebec

Downtown Montreal by Cortesía de Insbruck Tourismus

Montreal is a no-brainer when it comes to Canadian cities that are steeped in arts and culture. It is known as one of the most creative cities in North America. For starters, the famed Cirque du Soleil was founded in Montreal in the 1980s. Moreover, the city itself is covered in an array of incredible street art. In fact, there are street art tours you can take if you’re in the city. Beyond this, Montreal is home to some of the best and brightest art galleries in the country, such as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts which boasts over 40,000 unique exhibits. Whether you’re a Canadian artist planning to live in Montreal, or simply coming for a visit, you can be confident that you will fit right in!

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