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Six Contemporary Artists You Should Follow on TikTok

Aliyah Lashley October 05 2022


There are a lot of creative and contemporary artists of all mediums available on TikTok. Explore art from these talented artists.


Non-fungible by Jackie Liu

Based in Boston, Jackie Liu is a painter who often explores serious subjects like mental health and racial injustice. In her videos, while she’s painting, she often does spoken word to match the feeling of the painting. With a million followers and 29 million likes to her name, Liu will have you thinking while being mesmerized by her work. She sells her artwork here on her website.

Felix Semper

SpongeBob SquarePants by Felix Semper

Felix Semper is a renowned artist who is best known for making sculptures that stretch. He has created sculptures ranging from pop culture figures such as The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur and SpongeBob SquarePants, to objects such as food, shoes, animals and more. Celebrities such as A$AP Rocky, DJ Khaled, Fat Joe and other corporations have collected Semper’s art. With 706K followers and 8.9 million likes, Semper is a man who will stretch your imagination. His work is available to purchase here on his website.


myarttiktok page

myarttiktok, or Jane, makes acrylic paintings on different-shaped canvases. In her videos, she starts her paintings off with canvases that range in all shapes and sizes from hearts, squares, and diamonds; there is no canvas that she can’t paint on. For full tutorials, here is her YouTube channel.


“Bonfire” 3x3inch Acrylic Painting by Briellian

Brellian, or Sarah, is a mother who makes landscape paintings using acrylic paint on wood or canvases. Her videos show her process of transforming these ordinary ornaments and painting them into beautiful landscapes while set to music. With 1.2 million followers and over 27.2 million likes, her work will leave you speechless. Her work is available to purchase here on her website.

Tina Yu

In the Forest Under the Starlight by Tina Yu

Based in New York, Tina Yu is a Chinese artist/sculptor. Her work ranges from mystical and enchanting. In her videos, she mostly sculpts characters based on Chinese culture, animals, movies, and her childhood. With 107K followers and 1.5 million likes, she will bring you into a fantasy unlike you’ve ever seen. Her work is available to purchase here on her website.


Periwinkle Shore by Daphne Frizzle

MsFrizzleArt, or Daphne Frizzle, is a painter known for her painting tutorials. In her videos, she gives a detailed description of the materials she uses and goes step-by-step on the subject she is painting; ensuring that the viewer never gets lost while she’s explaining her process. With 723K followers and 16 million likes, her tutorials are perfect for any beginner. If you need a refresher or want to be inspired, she’s your painter. Her work is available to purchase here in her store.

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