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Simple and Effective Tips for Organizing Your Paint Collection

Dorran Abbott March 08 2023


It may be challenging to keep your collection of paint together, let alone keep it sufficiently organized. So, we have outlined a few simple tips for organizing and maintaining your collection of paint.

Painting is a wonderful medium for unleashing your creativity, but at times it can be quite a messy and unorganized endeavour. Knowing how to properly and effectively store your paint is not only helpful for general organization, but it will also prevent the art of painting from becoming too stressful. After all, creating art should be enjoyable!

For starters, it is important to locate a designated space where you can store all of your paint. Some individuals have an art studio in their home that can be a great space for housing and organizing all of their art supplies. However, not everyone can afford the luxury of an entire art studio in their home to store their supplies, especially student artists. Paint organization doesn’t have to be expensive! Your storage space could be as simple as a cupboard, cabinet, shelf, or drawer. Ultimately, it is important to pick a storage space that is adequate for the amount of paint that you own. Depending on the type of painting you enjoy (which may be all types and forms) it would be wise to organize your paints accordingly. For example, separate your acrylic paints from your oil paints, or your watercolours from your pastels. This way, you have a designated space for each type of paint and you will know exactly where to locate it.

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This can be done by separating your paints in different drawers or baskets, or even separate shelves. Of course, the number of baskets, drawers, or shelves you require will depend on the amount of paint you own and the space you have available to you. The most effective storage style would likely be translucent bins so that when you go to locate your paint, you can see exactly where to find it. These clear bins can be purchased online through retailers such as Amazon for relatively cheap. Furthermore, if you opt for bins, they are great for mobility. If you have a designated place you enjoy painting, you can simply grab the bin with your desired paint and take it anywhere you want. For a student artist, this could be optimal if you have to take your paint supplies with you.

Photo Curtesy of Becca from The Happy Ever Crafter

To go a step further, you may even want to organize your paint supplies by colour. Colour coordinating your paint may be tedious, but it will save the time it takes to locate a specific colour when it’s time to paint. Additionally, it will be aesthetically satisfying. The effectiveness of the organization is more important than the appearance, but that can be a bonus! If you opt for clear drawers, bins, or storage cases (as previously mentioned) to store your paint in, you can easily see all the colours you have in your roster. If you need help with colour coordination and organization, you can find organizational tools at art stores by looking up ‘art stores near me.’ These art stores will likely have a vast collection of storage kits and organizers for purchase, including some that are affordable. This could be a great option for those individuals who may be overwhelmed by the prospect of organizing.

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